How to help: Eat Donuts!

The 2nd annual Evansville Donut Festival is coming to the Downtown Area on Saturday, May 11th. With many new additions planned this year, we are excited to bring you all of the best doughnuts, exciting children activities, eating competitions and much, much more!
Due to the overwhelming attendance last year, we’ve decided to move the event to a much bigger venue.
All net proceeds from this year’s festival will go towards the trolley development project inside the Stop Light City Playground.
Vendors and Sponsors please email

How to help: Sponsor the Space Shuttle 

Everyday is a little more exciting! This is another piece we have included in the first Section of our park! Imagine climbing in this space shuttle and rocketing to the moon. Imagination will run wild at Stoplight City Playground! This gorgeous piece still need sponsorship!


Latest project: TED

Isn't he handsome?!

We cant wait to bring "TED" to our playground in honor of our own TED: Trolley of Evansville Districs! We are currently working on the images and info to show you how we would like to finish the 1st "third" of our playground!

Latest project: 

Playground Layout

Here is our newest artist rendering for the Stop Light City layout. Isn't it amazing! We wanna play!