A Destination Playground Right Here in Evansville!

This isn't your everyday swing set and slide playground.

This is a destination. A place for kids of all ages to explore, imagine, dream and play. 

Stop Light City Playground is a vision we CAN make happen! We plan to build a 2-acre transportation themed playground accessible by all and free for anyone to visit.  

Each section will highlight a different mode of transportation. You can travel by train to search for gold, fly overseas, speed on the race tracks, shoot for the moon, soar in a hot air balloon, visit the local grocery in your antique truck or be a hero in a firetruck or police car. Evansville has a rich history in transportation and continues to work hard to be a safe, fun, thriving city.  

Stop Light City Playground is an enhancement to the current Little Westside Nut Club Park. The park currently has swings and 2 sets of playground equipment with slides, picnic tables and several basketball goals. This is all usable, but it hardly makes for a destination park. We have a lot of open space in this park that is hardly used right now. 

This is only the beginning. We have big plans for this park

and for the neighborhood it serves.



 This isn't a one man job. The Franklin Street Events Association is dedicated to seeing this project through to the end.  We consider our community a family and we know everyone will pull together to make it happen! Once we have this gorgeous piece built, the entire city will be in awe of what we could have with a completely updated playground!


Click here to see a rendering of the finished playground layout. It will also feature a gorgeous new "fence" with transportation themed art designed by a local artist, laser cut to pull our whole playground together.  What if you have to go to the bathroom? Yep. We are taking care of that.  Angled parking at the front of the playground as well. And no mulch or rocks to roll through. This playground is stroller and wheel chair friendly! 


Building a destination playground for our city will benefit our entire community.  It encourages family time, a safe, free place to enjoy and take pride in and it's not just for one family or one part of the city, it is for everyone.  Be a part of something that will change our community forever!


It's impossible to describe all the feels about Landscape Structures Inc. and their family. We are thrilled to have the chance to start this project. We have learned so much about what is really needed and desired in our community; support, inclusion, accessibility, affordability and good ole family fun! We are so proud to be working with Landscape Structures and their team.